15 Surprising & Weird Fetishes

15 Surprising & Weird Fetishes

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Pseudoscientific description of devoteeism?

But for those of who did not know Acrotomophilia was first recognised in clinics as rare phenomenon in the western world in the early s. Someone who has acrotomophilia in the clinical sense is sexually attracted to persons with an amputation, and may be unattracted to people without amputations although some can manage by fantasizing that their partner does have an amputation. That’s being sexually aroused by an amputee, either in thoughts or actual deeds.

Attraction to disability or devotism is a sexualised interest in the appearance, sensation and experience of disability. [1] It may extend from normal human sexuality into a type of sexual fetishism.

Post by Dee Dee on Oct 6, What do you think? I wonder how they came to these conclusions? Apparently someone has been studying us The attraction may be present in the Chinese foot binding tradition. This type of human sexual attraction has become more widely known over the past century through Interwar decadence, the Sexual Revolution, and the advent of the world-wide web. A number of artists have portrayed it: The attraction also features regularly in Japanese anime and manga and has established a large, mostly apocryphal, online presence.

The rare pathological attraction to disability has been studied by psychologists since the late 19th Century, with a relative resurgence of interest since the mid s. Bruno systematised the attraction as factitious disability disorder. A decade on, others argue that erotic target location error is at play, classifying the attraction as an identity disorder.

Paul McCartney suffers from Abasiophilia or Acrotomophilia?

The cartoon depicted two doctors dressed in white lab coats standing on the front porch of a building that was clearly designated as a Mental Health Clinic. On the lawn before them was a little man on horseback who was dressed exactly like Napoleon Bonaparte. Was the little man delusional and in need of a check-up from the neck up, or did the army-of-conquest at his command make him, in reality, Napoleon Bonaparte?

Acrotomophilia refers to sexual interest in amputees (from the Greek akron [extremity], tomein [to cut] and philein [to love]). It is a counterpart to apotemnophilia, the sexual interest in being an amputee.

He enjoys philosophy, archery, target shooting, learning new languages, globe-trotting and the company of non-hypocritical, feminine women. Most of the links and images in this article are NSFW, so exercise caution The effect of female narcissism and attention whoring in modern societies has been explored a lot here before. Some have even called the phenomenon of sex selfies as the worst thing on the internet.

See anyone who is familiar or whom you know in your social circle in the image results? The hypocritical paradigm of gender role interchangeability seen in modern societies today now extends to every paradigm of modern life. Shit is gold, and gold is shit. Thankfully, modern female honesty at least exists when it comes to polls regarding sexual narcissism, even if not for sexual morality.

You see it everywhere.

Disabled Cuckold BDSM Femdom Captions

Is a fetish toward people with impaired mobility Acrotomophilia: A fetish toward people who have amputations. This is a fetish to pain different from masochism as it is more focused on the sensation rather then hurting someone alone. Is a fetish one has toward transgender males. Is an attraction that younger men have toward women that are older then them.

My discreet newsletter will teach you how to give him back-arching, spine-tingling, screaming orgasms. Click here to get it.. We’ve previously talked about the definition of kinky and what makes a fetish. Now, it’s time to list all those kinks in one place.

That is, until psychologist J. The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, which is undoubtedly the most sexualizing and sexist book about trans women that I have ever read. Not surprisingly, it provoked a strong negative reaction from the trans community and allies. This article – which originally appeared on August 24, on the feminist blog Feministing – is my critique of a rather myopic NY Times article that focused exclusively on one small aspect of that backlash, namely, personal attacks on Bailey that were purportedly carried out by a few trans activists.

You can either download a PDF of the abstract and learning goals or listen to an audio reading of the entire paper. A more complete version of the paper has since been published as chapter 14, Trans-sexualization, in my book Whipping Girl. A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity I critique a number of common theories about transsexuality and transgenderism especially those often forwarded in the fields of psychology, sexology, sociology and gender studies and put forward some ideas of my own in my book Whipping Girl especially in chapters 5, 7, 8, 10, 14 and It explains why I felt that it was important to focus a big chunk of my time and energy on this issue.

As an activist, this concerns me. In my book Whipping Girl: Why do transsexuals exist?

11 Most Common Fetishes, Plus 5 Super Weird Ones!

Share Tweet Pin It From the harmless to the weird, the disgusting to the terrifying, there are hundreds of fetishes out there. Here are a few for your reading pleasure. The lines are blurry between what exactly is a fetish, and what is just a bit of kink.

Why Sex Selfies Signal The Decline Of Western Civilization. Oscar Zach July 26, Culture; What really signals the decline of western civilization is the insistence of its critics to focus on its symptoms rather than the root causes. Acrotomophilia: love of (or sexual attraction to) amputees.

I want to thank you for discussing that. It was helpful to me too. I lost my right leg, to just above the knee and three fingers on my left hand to an IED. I come to discover they are hot for my leg stump. What gives with this shit? Ok, ok really this is for real, Cade. But I think you already know that, huh? There is a fetish, or a paraphilia, if you prefer, called Acrotomophilia, or amputee love.

These folks, often called devotees, are turned on by the limbless among us. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a beer with a bunch of gay men. We were discussing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the horrific images we were seeing on tv. Without missing a beat, a couple of the men in the group started talking about the number of totally hot young vets they were seeing on the news. Sure they had missing limbs, but for some in the group that made them even hotter.

A couple other guys were goin on and on about how they would get off on servicing some of these returning service men.

More from SexIs – Ladies & gentlemen, the kinks: fetishes, bdsm, and you.

Reviewed By Adriana , July 31, If you’re new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Click here to get it. Some of them are fairly common, after all. While this tutorial video is quite distressing, it will teach you how to make your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Wondering what a fetish is exactly?

Relevant data include existing studies on pedophilia and hebephilia, clinical case studies of nepiophilia, dating or pornography use data, and anonymous surveys of interests in .

David Smiedt Apr 21, Few industries — aside from computing — have seen their lingo enter the mainstream as it were like porn. With an ever-growing sweaty archive now searchable via keywords, things are getting very specific, very quickly. Nothing can shock or surprise you. Welcome to some of the porn acronyms and terminology you might not be across, Mr Vanilla. For all its faults — and there are many — at least the porn biz is accepting of a variety of body types.

This is less about immaculately chosen accessories as strategically depriving oneself or another person on oxygen at the point of climax. Apparently to involve the viewer more closely in the narrative. BRCC Stands for back room casting couch.

Forget Feet, Meet the Fetishists Turned on by Insects, Stuttering and Stairs

Ovipositors The idea of pregnancy freaks me out enough. However, some people men and women both get off on the idea of impregnation. Specifically, being impregnated by aliens or other extraterrestrial beasts. The idea behind the fascination seems to be that people like to think that an alien has hijacked their body in order to breed …or something like that, I think.

آمیزش جنسی در انسان، سکس یا خفت‌وخیز معمولاً به ورود اندام تناسلی مرد در اندام تناسلی زن گفته می‌شود. در صورت موفقیت عمل تولیدمثل، سلول‌های اسپرم جنس مذکر وارد بدن جنس مؤنث شده و تخمک‌های زن بارور می‌شود.

December 10, Want to know more about a fetish? What is a Fetish? Fetishes pertain to a fixation, usually sexual or erotic in nature, to a specific body part or an object, which causes sexual arousal to an individual. The etymology of the word fetish is derived from the Portuguese term feticio, which means obsessive fascination or spell. It was coined by Alfred Binet , a French Psychologist, used in an erotic context in According to Sonya Collins of WebMD , this sexual excitement is more common in men than in women, and often manifests in people that the individual must fantasize about or have the object of their fetish in hand, whether it is with a partner or through masturbation to become sexually aroused and climax.

On the same Web MD article, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Richard Kreuger stated that fetishes can be in the form of anything imaginable. From specific parts of the body not commonly seen as sexual like the feet or the armpit; bodily features like obesity fat women ; items of clothing like socks, or even high heels; or specific material like leather or fur. Given this definition and samples, being aroused by sexually associated body parts like breasts and butts are not necessarily fetishes.

I have some bizarre fetishes-does that mean something is wrong with me?

Share Tweet Alt Alt porn mostly consists of small-breasted girls with tattoos looking miserable in a studio apartment. They all get effed. Dirty talk for alt fans: Blue-ing yourself is a lot more fun with a friend! Cartoon Cartoon porn generally refers to copyright- violating images of popular animated characters depicted in acts of hardcore violation.

“The Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence provides accurate, research-supported information to clarify critical issues and educate the public about different forms of interpersonal violence, their incidence and prevalence, theoretical explanations, public policy .

While amputation is arguably psychotic in nature, having the amputation done “cures” the problem in many cases, and the individual becomes happier and more well-adjusted. Many doctors are beginning to recognize the valid therapeutic value of amputation in a small number of cases. The desire for amputation can be similar to transsexualism, where the internal notion of self is not aligned with the external notion.

The individual will have an exact notion of what parts need to come off no more, no less , although this is not a universal truth. Most individuals do not sexualize their amputation drives, although some also find the modifications deeply erotic and there is also acrotomophilia , a sexual desire for amputees. In addition, this type of procedure is obviously dangerous, and no reputable doctor will perform it.

The few that would most likely will face enormous backlash from their peers, thus leading to a high probability of the physician in question to rapidly cease such practices. Only a very small number of difficult-to-contact underground practitioners will perform this procedure, so most individuals who desire amputation may damage their own limbs beyond repair at great risk to their own lives to facilitate necessary removal.

Luckily, hospitals rarely question the “accident” excuse. Methods commonly employed involve everything from, “I chopped it off while preparing dinner,” to inducing ulcers and infections requiring amputation, to guillotines. More desperate individuals may do things as severe as simply blowing off the offending body part with a shotgun, risking death in the process. There are lots of photos and experiences about amputation available on BME for those with a full membership.

WTF Strangest / Weirdest SCP Compilation #1 from Eastside Show SCP

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