For most of us, the chief requirement for aftermarket direct-port electronic fuel injection is the elimination of the after-installation hassle factor. What we really want is the convenience of a carburetor with the precision that computer-controlled EFI offers. Crisp throttle response and thrifty fuel usage is why we would even consider going through the effort. However, if an EFI system provides improved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, the company providing such would rule the world. We first met Richards in the Feb. Richards ingeniously packaged the electronic engineering from Ford with a high-flow single-plane manifold, an improved GM MAF sensor, a wiring loom with all the necessary connectors, and a 1, cfm throttle body and at the same time, talked personally with every customer.

Dual alternators and dual batteries

This design uses a self exciting field which means when it spins at a sufficient RPM, the alternator will start charging. When the engine stops rotating, it turns itself off. Keep in mind that the engine has to be turning around RPM in order to spin the alternator at RPM in order to get it to start charging. Just start the engine and “blip” the throttle in order to get the alternator to turn on.

You don’t have to keep the RPM up, once the alternator is energized with a quick blip you can let the engine idle back down.

Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums. How to hook up dual batteries – factory style (P/N ). And you end up with something like this. Route this harness along side the alternator wire and zip tie it to the alternator wire just below where the alternator wire is zip tied to the AC dryer. How to hook up dual.

The 9 cap is available at your local GM dealer. Ask for AC Delco type RC32 part and a 10 cap is available at most autoparts store under a Stant part number , if they don’t have it, have them order it for you. The lower pressure rated caps are not carried by the store much but they are available. Wright One item that makes the radiator leak is using the wrong Pressure Cap.

Should be 9 pounds no greater than 10 pounds. Therefore I use a 7 pound cap for many years. Also your coach is running much

Chevrolet Suburban

An ammeter must have all the current the vehicle uses except starter running through it to read it properly. If you connect it between the alt and batt it may only read alt output and not show discharge. Also the wire gauges specified are way too low. Fine for an older vehicle putting out 30 amps,but not most newer ones. Hence the reason for shunted type ammeters.

Apr 29,  · Best Answer: you should be able to hook the alternator up on either side, I’m not sure on a small block but on a big block chevy the generator in 66 was on the drivers side, back in 66 they still had a generator on them and not an alternator and yes they offered power steering in Status: Resolved.

When these cars were originally built, a amp alternator was the largest you could get, if you happened to check the correct box on the order sheet. Today, modern cars often have their smallest alternator sized at amps, and in many cases the minimum is over Attempting to run modern components on an old alternator is a recipe for charging system issues, or worse yet, damaged or failed electrical components. Upgrading your current alternator is one of the easiest bolt-on enhancements you can make to your musclecar, hot rod or even your daily driver.

For any enthusiast who is handy with tools this is typically a simple upgrade on most cars. Not to leave you in suspense, we got a hold of Powermaster to get the inside scoop on choosing the correct alternator for specific applications. We cover everything from determining the amp load, choosing an alternator, various finishes and what you should expect to upgrade along with the new alternator.

Determining Amp Load We got together with Powermaster Performance to get the details on how to determine what alternator is best for your vehicle. While you could simply default to the largest alternator available to fit your application, this may not be the most astute choice. This could cause an issue with a mounting solution, it also often increases the cost, which might put the upgrade out of your budget.

Various connector types are available depending on your car’s wiring harness. Powermaster quickly points out to consider electrical current much like water. Using this idea, amps are the volume of water, volts are like water pressure, and the wiring acts as the hose or line that carries it all. Having a larger than needed amperage, much like having a reservoir of water, will mean the electrical components can run without a drought.

Pro Street 1966 Chevy II Asphalt Annihilator

Please make this a Sticky Forum Mod.. Here is a complete install instructions for all of you trying to hook up dual batteries. The battery tray is a easy to add, you just use the factory aux battery tray from GM and it will bolt into the stock location just like GM intented..

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Unless your running a lot of lights or stereo equipment theres no real use for a dual alternator system, dual batteries will get you almost all the power you could require. Tim is right on about this. For your second question, you wire the batteries in paralell, not in series, or you would end up with 24 volts. You also want to buy a battery isolater so your alternator will charge the lowest battery. Your isolater will come with instructions for wiring.

You will not need a second voltmeter. If you find your batteries are going low and the truck is getting hard to start, then you may need either the 2nd alt or a single bigger alt the better way to go. First of all, dual batteries – or ten batteries – do not add power capacity to your truck.

Chevy Chevelle LS Engine Swap – Swaptastic!

These alternators have proven to be one of the most reliable products we sell. There are many different companies that sell a similar unit, and rest assured, most are not to be compared to ours. We have been selling this same unit for over 5 years, and take notice of our sell rate.

Answer hook up your tach. \non the drivers side of the distibutor cap using a blade electrical hook up you can plug into the opening or if there is a wire already there splice into it make sure all your grounds are in place or you will burn up you coil.

Battery Wire Size and High Output Alternators When upgrading to a higher output alternator you should always install a larger wire between the alternator and battery. Even with a standard output alternator you will get better performance and life out of your alternator if you upgrade the main battery wiring. The original wire just isn’t large enough for proper power transfer. If you are using your alternator to it’s maximum output or when you upgrade to a higher output Alternator you must increase the wires size.

An alternators ability to send the power it is making to the battery is directly related to the wire size and quality of connection between the alternator and battery. Also, a wire that is to small when used on a high output alternator can cause the power to back up within the alternator making it overheat, burn up and fail.

One-Wire Alternators: Are They Better Or Just Easier To Hook up?

When you come up with total amperage requirements, you can then size the alternator capacity to your total known electrical load. When you go beyond percent, alternator operating temperature becomes excessive, and burnout is inevitable. In stock form, the most you can expect from these old dynamos is amps. These alternators provide an OEM look while kicking amperage up a few notches.

To determine what you need in charging system capacity, first compute what you have for electrical load in amps.

Feb 07,  · The guy at the parts store today said hook one side to the positive back of my alternator and the other to my battery. The best way to do it,if it’s on your 85 Chevy truck,is pull off the starter solenoid nut,and remove all the wires except the battery them up through to the top of the engine (and remove that stupid steel heat.

Knowledge of this exclusive design is very important when up-grading the Chevy electrical system. We need to get electrical power from the alternator to the parts—not just charge the battery. At the time of this writing, the popular Chevy main power system is about 40 years old. The original version was installed with the first alternators, in Chevy models. We often expect better performance from these cars than when they were new.

Routing and distribution of alternator power output is handled by the wiring system. When installing more powerful alternators, and also when adding accessories that will use power, current flow through the wiring system is increased. And the wiring becomes more important than ever before. The system diagramed above is typical of the original Chevy wire harness design used in , , and Those years had the long nose water pump and passenger side alternator mounting. Alternator output is routed directly to the splice.

The battery charging wire originates at the splice. And vital to electrical system performance in this original system, the voltage regulator will read and adjust voltage level at the splice.

Chevrolet Suburban

Originally Posted by dirtinla I understand how to wire up the 3 wire alternator. The number 1 wire goes to a resistor or dash light and is suppose to glow when not charging. That wire goes to a dash light.

This alternator may be used on OE GM applications that use a three wire hook up or as a one wire hook up for applications that do not use the conventional hook up. The 10SI internal regulator alt came into use around

This page is an explanation of the theory of operation behind the alternator and the generator. If you know how these critters work already, then this won’t matter much to you. If they are nothing short of alchemy and you need to work on or need to modify your charging system – then this page is a must-read for you. I wrote this as a side-bar to my work on various projects, see the High Amp Alternators for older GM’s and Alternator Conversions for GM’s articles for more details on each area.

Each section describes a basic component and how it works. My experience and thus this page is heavily tilted toward GM vehicles, so if your manual says different things for your car, trust it instead of me. I know Ford and Chrysler are fairly close to this, but some imported models use some really weird variations on these basic systems. The basic theory is the same, but some of the wiring is, um, a bit more funky that is described here.

In particular, I believe both the Ford and Chrysler alternator systems were externally regulated until well into the ’80s, and neither has the remote voltage sensing feature. There are unique issues to be aware of on each one, so I’d suggest that you go read up on them elsewhere before you attempt a non-GM swap. Or, just be like me and stick a GM alternator in it even if it’s not a GM.

Alternator DEMO Wiring, connection to Battery, Capacitors, Inverter, Modification

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