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Bloodshot Announces 20th Anniversary Compilation + Premiere of Blitzen Trapper Track

This particular day, Thursday, June 23rd, happened to be one of the nicer days of our summer in the Portland metro area. The venue is literally a small apartment above the other Mississippi Studios venues. The shows take place in the living room and the seating consisted of folding chairs in rows filling up the room.

There were between 25 and 30 people in the living room with another people watching from the kitchen and the entryway. Before the show we had ample time to grab a seat and a beverage and settle in comfortably. I use quotations on the back row because although we were in the back of that row, there were only two rows of chairs in front of us.

Lyrics to ‘Wild And Reckless’ by Blitzen Trapper. Well we danced in the back of the pickup truck / Till the sky turned to roses / Then we drove into town and we danced some more Discovered times using Shazam, the music discovery app.

Last Night Last Night: Blitzen Trapper frontman Eric Earley belongs on center stage — that much was clear last night when the Portland, Ore. Earley is the kind of frontman I’d bring with me to a desert island. He has the kind of musical ability that looks effortless from the crowd, a clear hankering for variety in his musical repertoire, and a knack for storytelling that would surely make island time fly. Last night, Trapper started songs from its most recent album, Destroyer of the Void, inserting older tunes later in the set.

The band members might have benefited from saving their best song from the album Furr, ” Black River Killer ,” until the middle or end of the set instead of blowing their wad right away and playing it first. Not only is the song one worth anticipating, but it also has a uniquely dark, disturbing quality almost like a Cormac McCarthy novel that I don’t see in most of Trapper’s music. The rest of the show never regained the transcendence of the opening number. Joseph Schell The moods within and among songs aren’t always so dark.

Still, I’m a sucker for a good story, and when the lights turned low and Earley took to the stage solo with his guitar and harmonica, I caught myself rapt in his yarns with the rest of the dancefloor. Two of Earley’s solo ballads had my ears especially perked: Then he turns himself in. To find out what happens next, you’re just going to have to listen to the song.

All New Releases

All but one of the collection’s 13 new songs, written by singer-guitarists and co-founding members Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, were recorded during 13 days of sessions in August with longtime producer David Barbe. Six of the songs were the result of a burst of writing activity by Cooley. So I had time to really focus.

BLITZEN TRAPPER-Thirsty Man: It seems like every time Blitzen Trapper puts out a cd, there are 2 or 3 songs I hear that I really enjoy yet for some reason, I never dive deeper into the cd or go see them in .

All the same their visibility on a national scale escalated incrementally from that point, with key support from Pitchfork online magazine, especially. Before that third album had even hit the streets the Trappers had already signed on with Sub Pop to record a fourth, Furr , which they released in They made two more records for Sub Pop before leaving last year.

Last spring on the band label LidKerCow, they re-released their eponymous first album on gram vinyl, some versions of which contain five extra tracks! This is their first release for Vagrant Records. So, that is to say that the band is now ten years old studio wise, and VII is their as the title might suggest seventh LP. Seven albums is quite an achievement for an eccentric little band from Salem—Typhoon also originally hale from Salem too.

Whatever the case, Blitzen Trapper have managed to survive and thrive while remaining relatively anonymous in Portland. Esperanza Spalding erupted out of a vacuum, of course. But anyone familiar with Blitzen Trapper know that the evolution for the current species of the band began in the swamps of their earliest recorded efforts and are easily traced.

Artistas com a letra ‘B’

You can check out Til’s facebook page for a live ‘n electric account of their Swing Station set later that evening. By definition, compilation albums are pretty hit-and-miss. Every moment of “wow! Three new records featured on this week’s Episode buck this trend, offering deep and rewarding collections to break up the end-of-the-year where-is-all-the-new-music blues. Best known as the frontman for No Use For a Name, Tony Sly passed away last year, leaving a surprising catalog of quality tunes for his friends to cover.

8 – Dire Straits — Single Handed Sailor. 8 – Dire Straits — Skateaway. 8 7 – Blitzen Trapper — Furr. 7 – Blitzen Trapper — Thirsty Man. 7 – Blur — Fool’s Day. 7 – Bob Dylan — Everything is Broken. 7 – Bob Dylan — Maggie’s Farm (Live at the Newport Folk.

Do you like what you hear? It seems like every time Blitzen Trapper puts out a cd, there are 2 or 3 songs I hear that I really enjoy yet for some reason, I never dive deeper into the cd or go see them in concert. This song is from their 7th the first 3 were self released cd ‘VII’ which was released early in October. Very, very cool stuff. Next time they come thru, I will not be missing them. Also, I need to give a shout out to The videos of their in-studio performances are always fantastic.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last month or two, you know that Arcade Fire recently released their much hyped fourth cd Reflektor. Everywhere I look this cd is reviewed and they seem to have been on every talk show possible to promote it. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t yet listened to Reflektor, read any of the reviews and only caught their performance on the Colbert Report which was just OK.

Radio Doble Nueve; otra alternativa.

Edition cancelled due to logistics. Here’s the meat and potatoes though: Fusing signature vocals and guitar with the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes, and tribal percussion, BROTHER is wholly original. Join the 3 groups on Thursday evening at the South Salem staple venue for an evening of heavy and progressive rock and roll!

Kinky Friedman, “The Loneliest Man I Ever Met” (Avenue A/Thirsty Tiger): The musical raconteur from Texas delivers his first new album in 39 years, with a guest appearance by Willie Nelson and.

Trash Talk Awake best video: The Coathangers Hurricane best television show: First 48 Eli Anderson 1. The best thing of The best thing of … 2. Easily my most played record of the year. Pretty much everything put out by Acephale Records. Pure X, Elite Gymnastics, Korallreven. Great music with super ace packaging. I live a thrilling life. Destroyer, Telekinesis and Wye Oak records on Merge. Ty Segall live at The Crocodile. The Occupy Wall Street and everywhere else Movement.

And the finest moment of solidarity was when I saw photos of young Egyptians holding up signs in support of OWS.

American Salmon Forest Sessions

VII I would love to be able to say that I have listened to all the music that I have read about, been told about, dreamt about. And so I approach the world of Blitzen Trapper with a recognition of the name, a slight awareness that they were on Sub Pop and that this is there seventh album. It didn’t, and I don’t really want to know. So this is new to me, but I can assure you, I now have a new world opened to me, and I will fully indulge in it.

For within in the first play of ‘VII’ I am wanting more. With a sublime hook, vibrancy and irresistibility ‘Feel the Chill’ takes you dancing into the day.

Ascolta ‘Wild And Reckless’ di Blitzen Trapper. Well we danced in the back of the pickup truck / Till the sky turned to roses / Then we drove into town and we danced some more.

The JD drinking, robotripping, dope smoking experimentation of youth. And even further back the country gospel tabernacle meetings out in Brooks, falling asleep as a child on hard wood benches while the country band plays Just A Closer Walk With Thee, the prayers of the saints rising for all us wandering youth. Each of these songs starts from a small place, like a headwaters, a remembrance and then widens into a song.

For instance, that old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink and never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for it’s implacable mystery, where Feel the Chill takes place. Drive on Up, it seems you’re always driving on up to something, into the mountains to see a girlfriend above the reservoir where she lives in a single wide with her mom and a cougar stalks us at fifty yards through the brush, she says to bang sticks but never look it in the eye.

A hundred degree day out at the John Day, walking through the high desert in sneakers coming on a cow skull and then the rest of its bleached bones spread for near on a mile and realizing the thirst of the creatures in these hills. And I’m no different. And you have Thirsty Man, where love like rain falls in the wasteland and slips through the fingers for love is a thing that cannot be held but only felt and released.

And of course there are those songs I keep writing over and over again, Ever Loved Once with all its regrets and tragic lost love, Don’t be a Stranger its hopeful cousin but they all still point to the same worn out place in the heart of old E. And hey, we all have that place, that worn spot on the heart like the chew canister circle on the back pocket of blue jeans, or that one shred in the green felt of the table where you ground the stick in too hard for drinking.

May these songs minister in ways mysterious and eternal, or at least maybe make you shake a hip.

Mix – Blitzen Trapper – Thirsty Man

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