Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

It’s appalling to have to say this in , but women deserve control over their own bodies. During the interview, Somerhalder casually mentioned throwing Reed’s birth control pills away without her permission, as if it was a hilarious anecdote, as if it is acceptable to sabotage your own wife’s contraceptive efforts, as if we live in a world where it’s OK for men to decide the fates of the women in their lives. Ooh, the Internet is enraged. And it should be. The actor was known primarily for those two TV parts until he admitted to abusing his wife. Advertisement Somerhalder and Reed were first spotted together in July , and their relationship moved extremely fast from there. By January , after only six months of dating, they were engaged. They tied the knot just a few months after that, in April , and Reed announced she was pregnant on May 4, Hey, more power to people who move that fast because they are mutually in love and mutually making those decisions.

My Top Ten Favorite Vampire Series

So here it is. My top ten favorite vampire-centric series. Already, I have a confession. I tried to number them in order of favorites, but really, that was too hard since I liked so many of them equally.

Dylan Penn is dating legendary late actor Steve McQueen’s grandson. The year-old model, who is the daughter of Sean Penn and his ex-wife Robin Wright, brought The Vampire Diaries star Steven R.

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It’s Official: Nina Dobrev Confirms ‘Vampire Diaries’ Exit in May

First, there’s the end of his long-running supernatural series The Vampire Diaries, which bowed out on The CW just this month and killed off poor, noble Stefan in the process. Then there’s the alleged breakup between Wesley and his girlfriend, Originals star Phoebe Tonkin. The pair, who met when Tonkin was a guest star on The Vampire Diaries back in , reportedly called it quits only this month, devastating fans who loved the fact that these co-stars kept the love in the TVD family.

Alas, there may be some good news after all:

So, when Vampire Diaries (the series) originally came out, my first reaction was, “Good God, this is Twilight all over again” (and in case you were wondering, I don’t like Twilight). Now that it’s been out for three seasons now, I decided to give it a chance and bought the first season on a whim.

King said in an interview that it was supposed to be a brief reunion between Caroline and Klaus, the Hybrid Original who had an obsession with her back on The Vampire Diaries. King is confirmed for five episodes of the season so far. For the part, he won 2 Teen Choice Awards in and for the same category: The plan for Tyler Lockwood was to have a recurring role in The Originals, but he only appeared in 2 episodes in Michael announced in that season 6 would be his last season on The Vampire Diaries, the same season Nina Dobrev left.

Besides a TV short called Baker Daily: He joined the cast, like most of the stars, in

Celebrity couples with big age gaps

Leprosy is still present in Britain and often misdiagnosed, say experts 29 Jun The simple vampire facial, or Platelet Rich Plasma PRP , is, by contrast, a walk in the park or through the graveyard if you prefer , says Dr Loong. The concentrated plasma, which is rich in platelets — the part of the blood with growth factors — is then injected into the face. Some practitioners combine it with dermal fillers to further plump up problem areas, such as under the eye.

The basic PRP treatment has been used for almost 20 years to accelerate the healing of wounds and burnt skin, and help athletes — including, reportedly, tennis ace Rafael Nadal — recover from injury.

Oh and last year she got hitched to Ian Somerhalder who also plays a vampire in The Vampire Diaries. Dakota Fanning (Jane) After Twilight, the former child star who shot to fame at seven for her performance in I Am Sam has worked on a lot of indie movies such as The Motel Life, Night Moves, Very Good Girls and Every Secret Thing.

The Vampire Diaries will return for a seventh season , but without its leading lady. I want to be the first to tell you that it wasn’t just a holiday celebration, it was a goodbye party,” she wrote on Instagram. I was a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, a crazy immortal, a doppelganger pretending to be human, a human pretending to be a doppelganger.

I got kidnapped, killed, resurrected, tortured, cursed, body-snatched, was dead and undead, and there’s still so much more to come before the season finale in May. Elena fell in love not once, but twice, with two epic soulmates, and I myself made some of the best friends I’ll ever know and built an extended family I will love forever. There’s more to come before we wrap this up, and I promise you’ll get to hear all about my experiences over the next month as we approach the season finale I have given an exclusive interview for the June issue of SELF Magazine that I am excited for you to see!

I want to share this goodbye with all of you this weekend’s pictures were just the beginning. You, the wonderful fandom who gave more love, support and passion than anyone could have ever imagined seven years ago, when a young Degrassi girl from Canada showed up in LA to audition for ‘that Twilight TV show.

Nina Dobrev Quitting ‘The Vampire Diaries’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

She has an older brother, Nathan. Proof of her younger brother Reed’s father is Jewish and her mother is of Cherokee and Italian descent; Reed was raised without religion though grew up around Judaism her brother had a Bar Mitzvah. Reed has described her home life as “complicated. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she grew up with her mother. She describes herself as having been “shy and a bookworm,” but at the age of twelve she became rebellious and emotionally volatile.

The relationship between Reed and her mother became strained when Reed experimented with drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Before The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev had been in a number of television films and had been in a total of 52 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Already a young star, Dobrev was doing interviews for major teen magazines like Seventeen.

Share shares ‘They’re all about adventure and fun, while things were a lot more highbrow and serious between Nina and Ian. Nina is having an amazing time with Glen, she’s loving every minute of dating him and is happier than she’s been in a very long time. The Perks of Being a Wallflower star was spotted getting hot and heavy with her new beau in a photobooth at her best friend’s lavish nuptials to Brooks Laich Happier than ever: The couple couldn’t help but pose for photos at the party Playful: The two appeared to have a blast inside the photobooth Having fun!

The pair were joined in the photobooth by Julianne’s brother Derek Close: With Glen there was this immediate physical attraction and spark. It was instantaneous and full of passion, whereas Nina’s love for Ian grew out of friendship; it was much slower and cooler. The Bulgarian-born actress has been romantically linked to the Hidden Figures star since January after previously dating her co-star Ian Somerhalder pictured for more than three years ‘On the low’: Insiders revealed in the new year that Nina and Glen, also 28, had been seeing each other ‘on the low’ Close:

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They have all starred in films wearing black Chuck Taylor high tops. Films are listed alphabetically: Manni and Lola are running around the streets of Berlin desperately trying to get money for the mob in this cult film with multiple endings.

First Ed Sheeran, then Darren Criss, now Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen, otherwise known as Elena Gilbert’s little brother Jeremy on the show, is headed down the aisle, too! The year-old actor proposed to his girlfriend, Alexandra Silva, and announced the engagement news in .

Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article The Vampire Diaries’ fans are excited about the fact that Ian Somerhalder, the star of the series, will direct an episode in the next season of the show. The year-old actor revealed it through the social network Instagram, posting a a caption of the script page. Who is directing the next episode? On set with him right now; Thank you to all involved in the decision-making process for giving me the opportunity to do this-I am so grateful”.

He added he will try not to screw it up. This is not the first time in the history of the series that a lead actor is taking up the role of a director. Fans are always interested in Ian Somerhalder’s adventures both in the show where he portrays the vampire Damon Salvatore and in real life.

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We saw her coffin in a flashback and Damon said he was waiting for her. And still, we are all holding out hope that pretty please with a cherry on top … Nina will come back to the show for at least one final episode before the end. But in the world of the show, none of that matters. He always ends up in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, from terrible boyfriends to amazing ones, Stefan shows up with not one, but two kinds of fries.

The Vampire Diaries star — whose character has been in a supernatural coma for more than a year now — also tweeted about being on the show’s set on Nov. 2. “No coffee? No problem.

If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Goodbye home, goodbye brother, goodbye old Elena! Why did you feel it was necessary to kill him? This whole year has been about the evolution of Elena as a vampire, starting from a girl who expressly claimed it was the last thing she wanted. And then just as she was finally getting a handle on it, the sire bond problem reared its ugly head.

We knew we wanted to get her to the darkest place possible, so that Elena, the most compassionate character, would become dis-compassionate and turn her humanity off. So we knew we had to tear someone extremely important out of her life. Tearing her brother away from her would be the thing that would make her fall apart. Everything Katherine does is a sexual manipulation, is in her own best interest, for her own survival. She will plead and flirt and tease and lie and mindf—, excuse my language, anyone and everyone in order to fill her own best interest.

And right now I would like to feed on that girl over there.

Twilight VS The Vampire Diaries

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