Misfire: The saga behind Remington’s bad rifle

Misfire: The saga behind Remington’s bad rifle

A class action suit alleged the guns can fire without the trigger being pulled, though the company still maintains they are safe. CNBC investigated allegations, denied by Remington, that the company covered up the alleged defect for decades. Load Error That means that millions of owners of the iconic Model rifle — and a dozen Remington models with similar designs — have 18 months to file claims for a free replacement of their guns’ allegedly defective triggers. The guns have been linked in lawsuits to dozens of accidental deaths and hundreds of serious injuries, though Remington still maintains they are safe. Holland, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the class action case. Don’t use these guns. Make the claims now. Attorneys for Remington did not respond to an email seeking a comment.

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Predecessor to the Model 70, the Model 54 ; After WWI, all the firearms manufacturers began looking for a high powered bolt action rifle, borrowing ideas off what was learned from manufacturing military firearms. Winchester chose the Springfield with a few from the Mauser model 98 as a basic design platform and in they introduced their Model 54 rifle.

About the same time, Remington chose the Enfield as the basis for their Model

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To this day, the company offers a very comprehensive selection of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. At first exactly the same as the Springfield Armory rifle, it then evolved as a time saving and cost cutting measure into the A3 which used some sheet metal stamped parts instead of forgings; parts like stock bands and the magazine assembly.

This sight, an adjustable peep, is similar to the sight used on the M1 Carbine. Another change made was the use of a 2-groove barrel instead of the usual 4-groove. Tests showed the 2-groove to be about the equal of the 4-groove in accuracy, so it was accepted as an alternate. Thus, there is no high or low serial number question. Remington made another version of the A3 that would be designated the A4 Sniper Rifle.

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Variants of the blocky, graceless design were made under license by TOZ in Russia, Franchi in Italy, and Remington and Savage here at home. Savage’s offering, .

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History of the Model The Model quickly proved to be dependable and super-accurate out of the box. Deer hunters embraced the new rifle, and sales took off. Remington machines a left-handed version of the Model BDL chambered for the 3 most popular deer cartridges,.

The agreement covers the popular Model as well as Remington bolt-action rifle models Seven, Sportsman 78, , , , , , , , , and the XP bolt action pistol.

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Vintage old signs. Collection by Alex Fix. Follow. “With roots dating back to the the Winchester Model 62 was the best of a long line of caliber pump action rifles.” “model 62 ad also try Rossi 62sa” Buy REMINGTON and Rifle Centerfold AD: GunBroker is the largest seller of Other Collectibles Collectibles & Militaria All.

Genealogy , with a focus on the Seaver, Bilyeu, Amidon, and Lowell branches This site is copyrighted. Please don’t use any of the materials here without my permission. Remingtons are a family line as long and as well-known among typewriter enthusiasts as they are among gun collectors. They literally began the typewriter revolution by contracting to produce the Sholes and Gliddon; later, they gave birth to the modern portable. When Remington began producing their own line of typewriters, their machines established themselves as virtual industry standards, unrivaled in popularity until the Underwood locomotive roared onto the scene.

Ironically, Underwood itself would later bow to Remington and license the company to produce Underwood’s Noiseless models at the Remington factory. Remington bought the Noiseless typeriter company in , generating a popular line of portables and desktop models. Click here for a table of Remington serial number and manufacturing dates, including data for the entire line of “blind” Remington Standards.

Early Remington models Although I have few of these to display, it would do well to serve up a quick overview of the early Remington models, to help put the ones that follow in context. Much has been written on the history of the Remington; I will not attempt to repeat that, but will instead attempt to briefly summarize the differences in the various models. It typed in all capitals, and had lids that covered the keyboard and carriage when not in use. They were marketed simply as “Remington” or “Type Writer”.

For lack of a better identifier, I’m calling this intermediate model the 1. As you can see, the sides have been opened, yet the keylevers are covered.

History of the Model 700

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Winchester Pre 64 Model 70 FIREARMS INFORMATION. Predecessor to the Model 70, About the same time, Remington chose the Enfield as the basis for their Model Also, the more modern competitors rifles like the Remington , , series fully enclosed the cartridge head and were therefore stronger.

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.300 Remington Ultra Magnum

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Remington responded in with a new trigger system, X-Mark Pro, which was designed without a trigger connector. Still, older models of the — without X-Mark Pro — .

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Share It was the kind of challenge that engineers live for and dread all at once. The top-selling product at the Remington Arms Co. But there were also complaints — even lawsuits — about the guns going off without the trigger being pulled. The engineers set out to design a new version, better than the original.

Feb 28,  · About 30 years ago I picked up a Model 77 in 6mm Remington from a local store. It caught my eye because of the low Serial Number: Just plain – no prefix etc. Best I can find this is the earliest M77 in 6mm reported.

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Remington 700 ADL .30-06 Springfield Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifle

Remington Magnum Cycling Issues Posted: Sun Dec 10, 5: Mon Nov 27,

Dec 08,  · It was the kind of challenge that engineers live for and dread all at once. The top-selling product at the Remington Arms Co., the Model rifle, was successful — practically beloved.

So the author gives his selection of favorites from over the years. He sold it to me some years ago, after his last rifle match. Having underwritten college milking Holsteins, I knew nothing of rocket science. He was a modest man who delighted in the company of people who delighted in the simple achievement of a well-placed. This of the early s reflects a tipping point rifle design.

Bored for cartridges not yet born when Dick worked at Boeing, they cost more, function well, shoot accurately and lack character. To those of us who once drove to rifle matches on cent gasoline, character still matters. What reminds us of good times in our lives survives well in memory and edges out contemporary alternatives. I prefer the quick, compelling beat of early rock-and-roll music to what followed. Those old tunes bring to mind Saturdays with a.

Family Inherited Rifle Remington 721 Pt.1

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